Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I do when my watch gains / loses too much time?

  • Watch accuracy depends on the type of movement used in the watch. If the Accuracy of your watch is outside the standard range, we recommend that you contact our Service centre and let the watchmaker have the watch inspected.

  • Why should I use The Horological Center rather than my local jeweler?

  • At The Horological Center, we are revolutionizing the watch repair industry. For too long, it has been too expensive, time consuming, and risky to have your fine Swiss watch repaired. At The Horological Center, we’ve addressed all of the challenges and offer a reliable, affordable, secure, and efficient watch repair service that our customers rave about. Here are just a few of the reasons to choose The Horological Center to service your valuable timepiece.

  • How long will my repair take?

  • Most repairs can be completed 3-4 weeks, though simple repairs can be completed more quickly. The time to repair a watch can vary greatly depending on the complexity of repair and the availability of parts. We will provide an estimate of completion date when our watchmakers evaluate your watch and send you email updates at every step of the process. Because of our large in-house watch repair capability, we are usually faster than other services and local jewelry stores.

  • What services do you provide?

  • We provide every level of service on your fine swiss watch – from strap or bracelet replacement to a complete overhaul for your vintage watch. CLICK HERE to see a comprehensive listing of services.