About Us

Horological center is a reputed company owned and operated by certified watchmaker. We specialize in all types of watch repair high-end like Omega, Tag Heuer, Ebel, Movado, Concord, Hamilton, Longiness, Seiko, Citizen and many other brands we also work on vintage watches and we do all kind of jewelry repair and engraving, we customize jewelry of your design.

Our watchmaker is a CW21 (Twenty-First Century Certified Watch maker) from American watchmaker and clockmaker institute and also has achieved Diploma certificate from Lititz watch Technicum. All watch technician can take apart and put the watch back and get a watch running but not all can practice great quality and company’s standard work of workmanship like a certified watchmaker. This certification proves the high standards of watch repair and use of genuine parts our watchmakers does. Our watch maker has also gone training with Swatch Group U.S. and achieved the certification for service provider.

We warranty our entire repair for period of 1 to 2 years. This warranty does not apply on the damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse or the damage cause by any other watch maker who is not certified or has authorized watch repair shop.


Tools & Equipment

  • Greiner Vibrograf ACS 900
  • The ACS 900 is considered the best watch cleaning machine in the industry. All Watches that are in for servicing are completely disassembled, after checking end-shakes and wear of components; they are run through the ACS-900 cleaning machine. The ACS-900 features ultrasonic for cleaning in one position, adjustable time and spin for each position and a separate for heated blowing drying.

  • Witschi Watch Expert III – Timing Machine & Amplitude Meter
  • The Witschi Watch Expert III offers the ability to do timing analysis on timepieces by measuring rate deviation, amplitude, and beat error, which are automatically calculated and displayed.

  • Bergeon Professional Crystal Press
  • Swiss made crystal press fits regular and tension ring crystals.

  • Bergeon 5700-Z Case Opener
  • Screwback case opener for water resistant cases.

  • Bergeon 5802 Automatic Final Test – Auto – Winding Tester
  • Final Test wrist simulator provides performance testing for bidirectional automatic systems. Winds at 1 RPM.

  • Ray Foster Variable Speed Lathe – Polishing Machine
  • The Variable-Speed Lathe delivers up to 4,000 RPM for refinishing.

  • GemOro Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank with Heater & Timer
  • Ultrasonic machine used to clean and bracelet components before and after refinishing.

  • Roxer Natator 125
  • Permits pressure simulation between 0 and 125 Bar for testing water resistancy of watch cases.

  • Roxer Diabolic E
  • Integrated electric pump creates a vacuum, so that a negative pressure builds in the watch. This forces the watch to deform, exploiting leaks and causing air to escape in small air bubbles. Even a small leak is visible without the movement, the dial, or the hands being at risk. Tests up to 1 Bar.

  • Eurotool Demagnetizer
  • Used for demagnetizing movements and other small tools and parts.

  • Horia Jewelling Tool
  • Horia Jewelling Tool with micrometric screw used for installing fractioned jewels and for adjusting the end shake.

  • Bergeon Staking Set
  • Bergeon Staking set used principally for riveting (i.e. staking) components together or for driving components apart.

  • Thermo Scientific ELED Cimarec Digital Hotplate
  • The final step in pressure testing watch cases, it is used for verifying water-resistancy by subjecting watch cases to heat and observing for condensation when room temperature water is applied to the crystal, indicating if the case passes or fails.

  • MicroStella Wrench
  • MicroStella Wrench intended to adjust the Microstella screws attached to the balance wheel, controlling rate.